Homeless, Less the -less!

by caitlin

Hopefully you figured out my little word game (a tangent: the other day I saw a Beamer with a Euro plate on the front with “FCKDAH8RS” emblazoned on it and I figured out the code–you prolly shouldn’t try, it’s tricky and bad; A told me I was so good at figuring out word things…made me happy and prideful).

Refocusing…we have a HOME now!!! Adam and I finally (after 5.5 months of being in Chartown off and on) rented an apartment! It’s about a half mile from the bid-ness and nice and cushy in fancy South Charville. It makes me a little itchy (what with all the expensive cars and white people and convenient shopping and great schools and golf courses), but it’s not our FOREVER home–we’ll probs never have one of those *sigh*.

We have 2 bedrooms and 2 baths and 2 walk-in closets (fancy S. Chartown people like those) and a HUGE balcony and a dishwasher (OH MY!) and windows that open (with screens!) and central heat and air (gasp!) and indoor washer and dryer hookups (crazy convenient, but I’m torn as to whether or not the convenience outweighs the noise factor) and a nice storage closet OUTSIDE for all our (A’s) bikes (hallelujah!). Amen.

I have no pretty pictures of our place yet, because it’s still not pretty. It needs all my pretty things in it first. So, here is a picture of our first load of laundry in this casa (yes, those are A’s blue floral underwear at the lower right of the washer; don’t tell him you saw them, he’d be shame).

Maiden voyage.

We are so thankful to have space of our own to cook and play and be naked (tmi?) in. It’s pretty wild that this will be our baby’s first home–as in, that’s what the 2nd bedroom is for, not just for storing the empty cardboard moving boxes that haven’t found their way to the dumpster yet : ) Crazy, but so exciting and so sweet to dream about.

Right now our abode is pretty empty because all our stuff is in a PODS pod (Remember that post? You know, the PODS fairy. No? Oh.) in Jacksonkill. We do have a bed, two camping chairs (from A’s Meme), and a wooden folding chair I got for a dolla at a garage sale. On Monday we’ll get our stuff and then stuff it all in our apartment.

So, this Easter A and I will be celebrating the miracle of Jesus’ resurrection and our resulting forgiveness and imputed righteousness AS WELL AS having a place to lay our heads and hang up our boots. Grace is great!