Wishing and Hoping and Thinking and Praying, Planning and Dreaming…

by caitlin

Do you remember that song? I remember it because the movie My Best Friend’s Wedding came out right before I went into 6th grade and some of my friends performed the song in the school Lip Sync. Ohhhh, middle school.

Anyway, I have been doing a lot of wishing for labor to start, hoping for a short labor, thinking about what labor will be like, praying J and I will be safe and healthy during labor (and delivery), planning on laboring naturally and dreaming about the babe that is the proverbial pot o’ gold at the end of the labor rainbow. Probably not an accurate analogy.

In these, my final days as a bun-in-the-oven mama (officially a week left, but let me tell you people: ANY DAY), I have been reading. I’ve sworn off of Kathy Reichs–not because I don’t love her anymore, but because I am getting jumpy/fearful/paranoid in my old age–and embraced some lighterish material.

At the top of my list is anything baby related, obvi, but I also read two stories (I’m calling them stories because one is a novel and the other is a biography-ish) this summer. I TOLD YOU BEFORE: I AM A SLOW READER. I am also tragically unhip when it comes to culture. That’s not to say that, A: I don’t know what’s going on, or B: I don’t love fashion or design or sundries in the realm of pretty things, but when it comes to books, music, or movies I am L.A.M.E. (not to be confused with L.A.M.B.–see I told you I know fashion). I think this stems from being sheltered as a youngin’. I was allowed to watch all the cool PG-13 movies like 5 years later than all my friends…so not cool.

Which, round my elbow and back to my knee, brings me to the books that I loved this summer that the rest of the world loved last summer or the summer before.

Round 1: The Help. I LOVED it. There is something about Southern literature that gives me warm fuzzies. I am also FASCINATED (understatement) by anything that whiffs of race relations. I know that The Help is fiction, but it is based on the author’s experiences and my very own momma says a lot of it {sadly} rings true to her family’s experiences with a black maid…so there. I also appreciate when authors write the way a character talks. I feel like I crawled right inside the character’s head. The spectrum of emotions I felt when reading this book was vast: sadness, shame, delight, pride, hope, dispair. Aye, that’s the sign of a good book, in my ‘pinion. That, and I started thinking about the characters as my friends, as in I talked about them to my husband. God love him for loving me.

Round 2: Same Kind of Different as Me. This one was tricky for me. You see, I may have mentioned before that A and I don’t fit traditional gender roles when it comes to movie preferences. I am most entertained by intense, shoot em up Action-Adventure movies and A enjoys Rom Coms and the like. So, about a year into our marriage we decide to watch P.S. I Love You. Worst.Choice.Ever. We {both} cried from the time the movie started until we turned it off about 30 minutes later. We just love each other so much that it kills us to think about the other one dying. Seriously, it’s pathetic but this is a pattern. We’re saps. Sue us.

Anywho, while I really loved the story of people from opposite sides of the tracks becoming friends, I cried a lot and struggled to get through the pages that I couldn’t see because of my tears. In an effort not to ruin the whole book for the two people in the world who haven’t read it yet, I’ll leave it at that. However, I so love good redemption stories and really love when rich people realize their hearts are the same as poor people’s and white people realize their hearts are the same as black people’s and that we ALL have something to learn from and offer each other. Soooo, read this one!

That’s all.